ACRM offers an array of enticing memberships for any phase of your career!



 For people with disabilities, consumers of rehabilitation services and nonprofessional caregivers.

$49.99 Annually

(monthly payments available/$5.99)



 For those enrolled in an accredited school of medicine or approved graduate or undergraduate program or fellowship in a medical rehabilitation discipline.

$49.99 Annually

(monthly payments available/$5.99)

Student Resident Fellow 

 For professionals during the first five years after completion of post-graduate studies.


$124.99 Annually

(monthly payments available/$11.99)

Early Career 

 For professionals in medical rehabilitation or a related field who are actively engaged in the practice, administration, education or research of medical rehabilitation.

$299.99 Annually

(monthly payments available/$28.99)

Rehabilitation Professional 

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Interested in a Trial Membership?

Two year trial for NEW nonmembers to join ACRM Community Groups, including ISIG's, Networking Groups and Task Forces. Must purchase full membership after Two year trial. Contact to verify your eligibility.

*Please Note: if you are signing up for monthly or annual automatic renewals, you must initiate the process online through the "my account" page after logging into your account or directly contact a Membership Services staff member.




  • Network, Network, Network
    • Engage and collaborate with renowned, interdisciplinary rehabilitation clinicians and researchers from across the world, both within and outside of your primary discipline.
    • Build supportive, global professional networks and friendships that last a lifetime
    • Meet your next employer, mentor, or funder
  • Employment Opportunities
    • Access to the ACRM Rehab Job Board
  • Mentorship
    • Participate in an organized mentorship program
      • Get connected with leading professionals with similar interests
      • use your knowledge and experience to mentor up and coming professional 
  • Join & Lead
    • Networking Groups
    • Task Forces - join an existing task force or form a new one
    • Interdisciplinary Special Interest Groups
    • ACRM Committees
    • Board of Governors
  • Enhance Your CV
    • List your ACRM membership, involvement, and leadership accomplishments
    • Fulfill universities' community service requirements with active ACRM involvement
    • Disseminate evidence-based research via webinar platforms
    • Present at ACRM Annual conference and ACRM Training Institute Spring Meeting
    • Publish in The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    • Serve as a Guest Editor An Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Supplment Issue
    • Publish in ACRM's Open Access Journal: Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation 
  • Receive Recognition
    • Qualify for prestigious ACRM awards
    • Achieve ACRM Fellow (FACRM) status 

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